Big Data. Little Barriers.

Building a smarter city begins with a conversation.

Hack for Reno has historically been a weekend hackathon event to build apps that create a more informed and engaged community in the city of Reno. This year, we're hosting the first Hack For Reno Summit, a day of short talks, panels and activities that will explore the intersections of technology and government.

We invite you to join the conversation!

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  • 9:00am Code for Reno Welcome

    Join Code for Reno in kicking off the first annual Hack4Reno Summit and in celebrating the 5 year anniversary of Hack4Reno.

  • 9:15am The Philosophy of Government Innovation

    What does "innovation" really mean in government? Is it a collection of tools? A mindset and culture? Something more? Our keynote speaker (the suspense!) will explore what it means to innovate in a city and more importantly, how you can turn talk into action.

  • 9:45am Making Decisions with Data

    Reno's new Open Data Portal provides new insights into what is happening in the Biggest Little City. These insights allow the City of Reno to make decisions that can be backed by data. It also provides transparency and accessibility for citizens who want to see what is happening in their city.

  • 10:00am Fundamentals of Data Science

    Our Data Scientist in Residence gives a 15 minute crash course in the fundamentals of data science and shows us how to reveal insights from data.

  • 10:15am The Role Data Plays in 21st Century Journalism

  • 10:30am - 10:40am BREAK

  • 10:40am The What and Why of Hackathons

    Joe Chavez, organizer of the local Reno Space Apps Hackathon, in association with NASA, explains what exactly a hackathon is, why they are good for growing a sense of community and how you can participate no matter your skillset.

  • 10:55am How Transparency can Lead to Trust, Community Engagement, and Positive Outcomes

    Cities, counties, and states are increasingly leveraging open data to build trust within communities and start a dialog between local government and its citizens.

  • 11:10am A Distributed Network of City Services: Building a Quantified City

    Matthew Bertram explores what a city looks like when hardware and software is used to build a decentralized network of sensors and city services.

  • 11:35pm How to Hackathon If You're Not A Programmer

  • 11:50pm How Data Helps Us Understand the Needs of Our Region

  • 12:05pm Catered Lunch

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  • 1:00pm The Evolution of Data Management in Local Government

    Scott Cozad from the City of Reno will provide a bit of show and tell on the evolution of data management in local government.

  • 1:15pm Transforming Research and Data into a Mobile App

    Alicia Barber, a writer, historian and curator of Reno Historical, shares how she turned her research into Reno's vibrant history into a resource for the community as a mobile app, all without a background in software development.

  • 1:30pm Turning a Static Website into an API

    API stands for Application Programming Interface and APIs are what allow programmers to interact with other services in a predictable manner. In this talk, we'll create an API from data that is trapped in a static website so that a developer can give the data new life in other apps and services.

  • 1:45pm Crowdsourcing Data for a Better Community

  • 2:00 The Intersections of Data and Art

    Colin Robertson shines light on how we can look beyond spreadsheets and databases to create works of art that express open data in unique and novel ways.

  • 2:15pm Empowering Citizens to Act

    Project Baseline shares how they empower citizens to observe and record changes in the world's aquatic environments in a way that fosters public awareness and supports political action.

  • 2:30pm BREAK

  • 2:40pm Where are the Tracks? GIS Analysis of Bicycle Tracks in Reno

    A team of UNR students sought to answer the question of "where do people ride in Reno-Sparks" with the goal of making cycling data more accessible to planners and decision makers in the community. The Reno Tracks GIS team shares their findings and how Reno Tracks came to be built at Hack4Reno 2013.

  • 3:00pm Design Thinking Workshop

  • 4:00pm Workshop Presentations

  • 4:30pm Code for Reno Closing Remarks

    Reflection on the day and what is to come in the Biggest Little City.

  • 5:00pm Downtown Dine Around (optional)

    Can't get enough of Hack4Reno? We're organizing "birds of a feather" dine around dinners around downtown that allow you to continue the conversations with new friends and fellow Renoites.

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Mayor Hillary Schieve Mayor, City of Reno
Andrew Clinger City Manager, Reno
Ashley Hand Transportation Tech Strategy Fellow, Los Angeles
Will Kurt Data Scientist
Alicia Barber Reno Historical
Keith Anderson Trinity AI
Ashley Hennefer Shortstack
Joe Chavez NASA Space Apps: Reno Organizer
Jessica Carsten Socrata
Matthew Bertram Filament
Monica Thompson City of Reno
Colin Loretz Numerous, Reno Collective
Kelsey McCutcheon Fitzgerald Truckee River Guide
Vanessa Belz Project Baseline
Anjeanette Damon RGJ
Colin Robertson Nevada Museum of Art
Reno Tracks GIS Crew Dongmei Lin, Dian Mao, Piera Mburia, Jean-Paul Torres

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