Hack4Reno 2013

Hack4Reno is a weekend hackathon event for building apps that create a more informed and engaged community in the city of Reno.

Hack4Reno 2013 took place on October 5-6th, 2013. Check out the finished projects below!

Live, Work & Play Challenge

Where The Food At
by Kevin Jones, Rob Gaedtke, Andy Muth, Jonathan Rutheiser, Christopher Baker

Food is good... food that comes off a truck is more good. This is a fact, a universal truth and the reason that every food truck should broadcast proudly on our site and in our apps.

Reno Tracks
by Dylan Kuhn, Riley Snyder, Brad Hellyar, Scott Hall

An app for recording your bicycle trips. Using the app helps the City of Reno better understand bike routes and improve transportation efficacy throughout the city and Washoe County.

City Pie
by Wes Nelson, Harold Paulson, Elisa Cafferata, Brian Smith, Dylan Laws, Sig Wawdo

Whether you're a local or a visitor, CityPie helps people scratch the surface of cities or dive deep into the history and culture of an area. Earn badges and compete with your friends along the way as you get to know your city better!

Made in Reno
by Monica Thompson, Renelle Pinero, Joe Chavez

Made in Reno is a mobile app that connects engaged, community-conscious buyers with the neighbors, friends and family members who make up the locally owned, independent business community here in Reno.

Health & Wellness Challenge

Garden Swap
by Tom Duffy

GardenSwap is a tool that can really bring all of Reno's gardeners together.

Too much of something and not enough of another? Gardeners are constantly faced with this challenge. Your garden is producing more apples than you can consume, but not enough pears. The solution is usually to purchase more pears and many apples will go to waste.

Op-Eno & Health Inspection API
by We're Probably Wrong

OP-ENO searches Washoe County Health Inspection data to find some interesting experiences. Some restaurants and bars may have just opened, some may have changed ownership.

Civic Hacker Challenge

Reno Property Monster
by Will Kurt, Aaron Ellis, Garrett McCullough, Erik Hanchett

Reno Property Monster provides an interface for searching the Washoe County Assessor data. Easily search and filter for properties including accessed valuations, amenities, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, etc. A full API provides this data to future developers to build apps and query the dataset to find interesting results in Washoe County property data.

by Dawson Loudon, Chris Crevling, Josh Koberstein

GovOutside allows governments to build interactive maps with geographically specific locations like events, parks, or other amenities without writing a single line of code. These maps can then be easily embedded into existing government websites without any technical expertise.

Open Data Reno: Nanovirus vs. School Attendance
by Jeremy Murray

Open Data Reno aims to create a central directory of open data in Reno. This specific project looks at Washoe County Elementary school absentee data during the time of a norovirus epidemic in 2012, using data from Open Data Reno.

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